Share more happiness!

Happiness is one new healthy habit away, one new empowering thought away and these steps are in your reach!

You don’t have to be rich to be happy. You don’t need to be famous or get lots of likes from people either. Happiness is an inside job!  Happiness is a process. And it’s more than being motivated by great speeches or beautiful sunsets although they certainly help in an awesome way. It’s about having a new approach to how you think about and interpret the things that happen every day. It’s about being able to connect to your authentic true loving powerful nature and honor it in the choices you make every day. Choices like what timelines you scroll through or what friends you hang around greatly influence your emotional mental and physical health. You can take steps to become a master of your own happiness.

Here are some of the steps we can take to increase how happy we feel and practice the discipline of loving ourselves enough to be happier and healthier every day!

1. Start the day with 10 minutes of meditation.

2. Eat breakfast with the “news” & social media off. Watch something inspiring, positive and constructively informative instead while you start your day to set a good tone for the rest of the day.

3. Walking in nature and spending 15 to 30 minutes a day exercising is reported to reduce depression & anxiety as much as prescription anti-anxiety medications do. Walk outside daily.

4. Being connected to a community of people you meet with in person frequently has been shown to improve mental health and reduce depression more than almost anything else. Go join the YMCA, a book club, Toastmasters or any group that catches your interest and meet new people!

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5. Do more of what makes you happy every day. Make time for you and practice self-care.

6. Learn to say “Okay next!” or “That’s interesting!” instead of accepting every invitation to fight on social media. We don’t have to correct people who we think get life wrong. Let it go! You’ll be healthier and happier.

7. Experiences and relationships make us happier, not things and money. Set goals based on what you want to experience and who you want to meet instead of how much you want to earn.

8. Listening to music, singing, playing instruments, and dance increase our happiness chemicals released in our brain that make us feel good. Use music to manage your emotional states.

9. Spend time playing with and caring for animals, cats, dogs, horses, etc. They reduce our blood pressure and love us.

10. Help others. Remembering that everyone has a struggle we are going through that is often not visible, be kind and cut each other some slack. Be compassionate and helpful best you can