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What you think about most of the time and what you think about yourself is your code, it is your personal programming.

In the computer programming industry, there’s an Mnemonic (memory) device to help achieve better results it goes; GIGO and it stands for Garbage In Garbage Out. That means if one writes bad code or programming language the resulting program or software will be just as bad producing a bad user experience.  OK this one is a big one! Remember “GIGO” the saying for programmers about garbage in garbage out?  Well we are going to modify that taking it up a notch to GRIGO “Greatness In Greatness Out!” What you think about most of the time and what you think about yourself is your code, it is your personal programming. So make sure it’s good, positive, empowering and when you do so your outcomes will be too!

First of all what is a Mindhack?  A Mindhack is a technique or “trick” we can use to achieve rapid success in achieving our life goals. So, the first Mindhack power tip is to Mind Your Mind and feed it well! Become mindful to reduce as much as possible the amount of negative content you consume for entertainment or social media engagement. Seek out  the most interesting, informative, inspiring, and educational people and media you can find. Be aware of what you focus on, listen to and absorb around you because your life will be a reflection or projection of this.

Whatever you focus on, watch, read and listen to is what you tune your life to receive more of just as if you are tuning into your favorite radio or television station and this signal reverberates throughout every area of your life in one form or another. If you’ve ever gone shopping for a car say a red sports car and then suddenly noticed red sports cars frequently appearing on the road around you then you’ve experienced how we filter data based on selective awareness.  We also tend to become like the people we spend most of our time with each day. Some studies have found that our incomes rise or fall to the average of the four people we spend most of our time with. So you can see how being careful about the energy and integrity of the people and media we surround ourselves with can be vitally important to us!

This is very important! If you want your mind to work better and your life to work better, you need to give it the tools to do so. Mindhacks are like having power tools for your life! If you had a person building a fence for your home you would want to make sure they had the saw, shovel, hammer and nails to do the job right, wouldn’t you? So too as you’re building your own life each day you need to see that you have the right tools to do the job you owe it to yourself to do.

The following are Mindhacks for achieving the optimum mindset for living a life at peak performance so you can be healthy, happy and free to live the life you want to live each and every day!  Remember “GRIGO” as you keep reading and going about your day. Be mindful of what you put into your body and mind. Onward! 

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