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The idea is to see life through a compassionate positive filter with a full heart so that you can be aware of the positive signals and opportunities for growth around you each day. In this 4Answers Life Mastery Library lesson we describe techniques or a “mindhack” for creating a positive filter that creates opportunities for greater prosperity on every level in life.

Our energy levels are greatly influenced by the people we interact with and the energy of people we interact with is influenced by ours. There is a type of invisible transfer of energy that goes on.  You may have experienced it when you walk into an unfamiliar room of people and get a sense that someone is uncomfortable or perhaps very confident and their presence lights up and almost commands the room.

Confidence and fear are two emotions and mindsets that many people can “pick up on” at what could best be described as a gut level. In much the same way a positive, kind and compassionate mindset sends out or broadcasts energy to those we encounter. That energy has the tendency to resonate in people and bounce back like a sound wave or an echo back to us.  When we approach people we don’t know with a positive spirit of openness, kindness and compassion a high percentage of them respond by being open and friendly themselves. This is a kind of hidden human wi-fi signal we all share access to and the password is often as simple as a sincere smile.

Practicing a predisposition to a positive regard for others creates a habit whereby you always look for the positive in other people and in turn see it more often in ourselves. Sometimes a sincere smile and nod is enough to set a tone that resonate with people in positive ways that make our lives more fruitful.  Sometimes a sincerely made compliment about someone else’s smile or their jewelry or work performance can shift the energy in a room and open the possibility for a new and mutually beneficial conversation.

The idea is to see life through a compassionate positive filter with a full heart so that you can be aware of the positive signals and opportunities for growth around you each day. This attitude ensures you always approach people with enthusiasm and as such people will always respond with the same positive energy. When we keep our eyes open to the beauty in life, appreciate the magnificent aspects of nature around us, we create a predisposition for happiness.

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Look for the good in people and experiences. Ask yourself positive empowering questions that lead you to helpful realizations and observations about the people you engage with. Rather than seeking to convince people you’re right or share your ideas or wisdom with them, focus on what you can learn and understand from as many people as possible.  Especially in times when people say or do things that you find upsetting work at asking yourself empowering questions like “what can I learn from this?” or “how is this a good thing”. These are all good questions to steer yourself towards a the habit of unconditional positive receptiveness. There’s a humorous saying I like which reminds me there’s always something good to see in someone;

Everyone brings joy into my life, some by coming into it and some by leaving!

Instead of saying “what could possibly go wrong now?” as we all tend to do from time to time, ask yourself “what could possible go right now?”  Ask yourself “You know what I really love about this person?” when you’re engaging with a person online or in person and then take a few deep slow breaths and just relax.  The Bible says Asks and ye shall be answered.  What answers do you want?

Look for something to sincerely compliment in the people you work with, you live with and you meet each day because whatever you appreciate appreciates meaning it increases! If you can’t find something positive, then be patient and listen to them and be present with them until you see something. It will be there!  Be on a positive scavenger hunt in life to find something good in everyone and everything possible and watch your energy and prosperity increase!