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We believe you and each of us should be in charge of our own happiness, health and success. We are just like you. We have struggles and challenges every day and as we find solutions to give us the edge to master ourselves and overcome our challenges we share them in was that are easy for others to share and use.

To become the masters of our own lives and destiny we need the best tools, partners and mentors we can find. It is our purpose to help bring that to you.

It is also our purpose is to help you find, clarify and live your mission in life, and acquire the skills, tools and information you need to confidently create your own happiness. We have found that a life of purpose, passion and service to something beyond ourselves enriches not just us but the entire world. Our mission is to help as many people like you live a happier healthier prosperous life because as more of us who do so, we’ll have a peaceful world to share.




We believe we are all here to learn and grow and become the best possible versions of ourselves so we can add our unique value to our beloved communities in which we live. While we all have unique stories, backgrounds and challenges, we share common desires such as being healthy, happy and prosperous in ways that are meaningful to us. We believe that by sharing the best practices, knowledge and tools for becoming lifelong students and growing better as individuals, we help our world grow better together. That is why we care so deeply about helping you!



Our mission is helping people learn techniques to improve each day and consciously create a healthier happier abundant life.

Leading experts in the field of sociology and psychology who study happiness have found that living a life that combines purpose, meaning and passion is one of the foundations for a happy life.

Our mission is to be of service to you. We do not have “the answers“, but instead we at 4Answers.net are here to help you find your answers and live your own version of a meaningful happier life.



We focus on exploring high-impact, practical and useful answers to the following questions.

How can I be happier?

How can I be healthier?

How can I be more mindful?

How can I change?

How can I create abundance?

How can I get more done?

How can I remember more?

We’ll help you find the answers that work best for you!

Creating real change requires you gain a deeper awareness of your passion and purpose in life so it can drive you to the destination you choose.

Each month you’ll find frequent updates of cutting edge tools and information designed to help you achieve what you want while learning to become more resilient to life’s challenges.

Using a few simple yet powerful exercises we will help you paint the picture of the life you want to create and then take the steps necessary to step into that picture!

By creating new healthier habits making gradual adjustments to your daily life you’ll produce better outcomes including the happier life you deserve.

It’s time to make your life work for you! Learn to improve your memory, get more done, become healthier, improve your relationships and manifest the life you want and deserve.  Just making a 10% shift in life skills and habits can produce massive results over the course of your life. It only takes a tiny hinge to swing a giant door!

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