My name is Joseph Segal. I call myself the Chief Happiness Engineer here at Happiness Success Academy! Every time we tell people about our new course in life happiness skills we get the same response! They smile and say something like “Wow! That’s just what the world needs today!”

Do you feel too much stress in your life? Do you know you could be enjoying your life and really living it at 100% and you’re not doing so now?

That’s why we know you’re going to love this course we’ve created to share ideas and methods for creating more happiness and reducing the impacts of stress in life. We know you want to feel happier and more inner peace. We know you do because we all do! We all want to find ways to take the power out of the stressful events and people we encounter and take that power for ourselves. And this course is designed to help you do just that. We are here with you and for you to help you cultivate more happiness and make steady progress in your life. Because when it comes down to it, happiness is a process of positive steady progress we feel good about.

Creating this course was one of the greatest joys of my life! I created it not because I’m the happiest person alive and know the secrets to happiness, but because I have dealt with tremendous amounts of stress and unhappiness and needed to learn how to move beyond it to something better.  I needed to learn to deal with the stress of money issues, health crises in my own family that feel like it tears us apart from inside, and the stress of seeing the world around us that’s just too full of angry unhappy people.  I had to find a way to healing and hope and happiness.

So I’ve learned what happiness social scientists have concluded is one of the most important components of creating more happiness. And that is to focus on teaching and sharing the good you find in life so others can benefit from it as well. And in that pursuit to share the good, to share what helps and heals, I have helped and healed what I could best describe as my soul. I feel so much better every day just from working on creating these lessons for people just like yourself.

I am not just the creator and co-founder of Happiness Success Academy and the 50 Steps To Happiness course. I’m student number one! I am using these tools and ideas to make my own life more manageable and enjoyable and meaningful.  I start each day with the “Golden Hour” process of meditation and visualizations that we share in our early lessons. And it helps me create a positive tone that resonates throughout my entire day!  I chose to stop listening to and watching the so-called news while I had breakfast and watched some of the greatest story tellers and motivational speakers in the world instead. OMG! My life improved from day one of making that choice! It can for you too!

Does my life still have stress in it? Do I still have moments of anger or sadness? Sure of course, but now I don’t get stuck in those moments like I used to. Now I recognize that I have the power to choose to take another step in a new direction for greater health and happiness. And so do you!

So we’ve tried to put together a pretty and state of the art website to help you make the decision to sign up and work with us on creating more happiness, but I wanted to just take this moment to speak with you from my heart. I am here for you! We are all here for you. We want to help you learn these powerful techniques like mindfulness, meditation, visualization and retraining your subconscious mind to support your happiness. So we are here and on Facebook to answer your questions and work with you through every step. Please take the first step and enroll in our course and let’s get started!