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If stress is getting the better of you then you are not alone!  If you sense a growing feeling of worry and anxiety as you scan your phone’s social media timelines, or watch the horribly depressing nightly news, you are not alone & we can help!

If you feel stuck in your job, in your relationships, or your physical health challenges and feel frustrated with not seeing the change you want in your life no matter how hard you try, you are not alone and this article is something you definitely should read and probably share too.

Everyone has stressful thoughts and beliefs that create worry and anxiety in our life which keep us from really living the life we want. Even children in middle school are being found to have high levels of anxiety and stress today!

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In fact, worry, anxiety and depression are pandemic today in this time and age where we have so many demands on our time and attention. And if you’re like me and just about everyone I meet around town or talk with on social media today, your stress levels frequently get way out of hand. 

If you’re watching the news and seeing the craziness in the world and people yelling at each other every night about who is right or wrong then your stress levels are probably way too high. This stress gets in the way of our living a good life.

If your coming home from work and bringing the stress of your work home with you then your stress levels are way too high. If you come home to household family problems or tensions about money getting in the way of a good relationship then your stress levels are way too high! And stress is bad we all know this because it feels awful.

But it’s worse than we think. Stress is the major killer and cause of disease in this country according to many health researchers and healthcare practitioners. It can lead to high blood pressure, stroke and heart attacks. Creating a habit of positive self-talk or affirmations can help!

“Using positive self-talk also known as affirmations can help interrupt the habitual usually unconscious negative self-talk that drives our anxiety levels off the charts into the red zone. “

So okay you’re thinking wait you said there’s good news didn’t you? Yes! The good news is we can learn to manage our stress so it doesn’t manage us.

If you’re a nine to five worker standing behind the counter all day or a CEO of a major corporation you still are subject to the same high levels of stress. But that said, you are also able to access the same powerful remedies for relieving, reducing and managing stress. You can create a positive mindset or approach to the everyday challenges of life that helps you let go of the little things and embrace what matters.  Positive affirmations done well are an excellent way to auto-correct the negative thinking that drives us to distraction and unhappiness.

Using positive self-talk also known as affirmations can help interrupt the habitual usually unconscious negative self-talk that drives our anxiety levels off the charts into the red zone. 

Noted entrepreneurial leader Gary Vaynerchuck was recently giving a talk in Australia about being a successful entrepreneur.  At the start of the talk he said that he thought perhaps the most important thing for success was having a positive optimistic mindset.

Our mindset is our approach to how we live our lives each day. Whether you’re a student, entrepreneur or successful celebrity, what you think about and focus on is still the number one thing that will determine your happiness and success!  You get to decide your own focus each day and every moment of the day. Nobody can take that from you.

What you give your attention to most of the time will have a major impact on your health, wealth and happiness. So becoming better at choosing your focus sounds pretty important doesn’t it? 

Affirmations are a powerful tool for helping you choose your own focus and consequently for shaping your own future. Positive determined consistent action towards your goals will generate positive outcomes in your life in ways that look like good luck or even miracles. It’s really a matter of focus and energy producing a lifestyle of your choice and yes your desires. 

The universe has a bias towards action and passion. It responds to both!  Our thoughts and focus drive our emotional states and inspire us to take more actions which in turn create ripples of new outcomes. 

“Affirmations are a powerful tool for helping you choose your own focus and consequently for shaping your own future.”

Now it’s important that you realize it may sound like I’m describing “The Secret” and the Law Of Attraction whereby just thinking positively creates miraculous events. And sometimes it actually can. But what I’m suggesting is that life requires a positive passionate focus combined with steady consistent action! So we can say affirmations and chant meditation mantra’s for hours a day and that will definitely create positive benefits in your life, but what shifts those benefits into a higher level and creates magical level life changes is combining that with consistent action. 

If you’ve ever tried to get yourself to start a new healthy habit like eating better, exercising more or even to get yourself to clean the dirty dishes in the sink, you’ve probably noticed it’s very hard to get yourself started.  Starting it turns out is the hardest part because once we start we tend to build up steam and keep going. Using positive affirmations is one way we can train our brains to have the can-do attitude that inspires us to get started and take the first step towards our desired goals. 

In our new free book “Affirmations and Incantations for Happiness” we describe how you can use affirmations to shift your life in the direction of your choosing and create higher levels of happiness.

Here is one of the affirmations we share in this terrific new book; “Strength and self-confidence is my natural state. I easily get the things done I want to get done.” 

You will be amazed how creating a habit of passionate and energized positive self-talk can begin to change your life in a positive way. At the very least it helps to counter our internal critical voice, the voice that says you’re not good enough or people don’t really like you. That negative critical voice is essentially a series of negative affirmations many of which began as we were mere children full of fears and doubts and got stuck in our subconscious mind.

It’s time to cancel out those old recordings of our fears and worries and doubts with the reality that we choose and know to be true for ourselves. That reality is that you are a strong capable caring intelligent person who can achieve great things and be very happy!  You can enjoy your life! You can make things better! 

Do this for yourself. Download, read and use this book. I really do hope you’ll download this free book showing you the power of affirmations and incantations for happiness now and start creating your new happier life. Take action, create a life of passion and purpose that is rewarding and enjoyable! Do it now.