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The Bible says;

“Ask and it shall be given to you, seek and you shall find, knock and it will be opened to you.”

Our brains are like the most sophisticated super computers imaginable. Science has just started to scratch the surface in understanding the brain’s capabilities and potential.  when we want to find an answer online what do we do? Most of us go to Google and type in a question. How would you feel if you learned that we can access our own reservoir of knowledge in much the same way?

You know how if you have too many applications and browsers open on your computer it begins to slow down until finally you have to reboot it? Everything we have “on” around us from our phones to the television or radio engages our brain’s resources. Multitasking actually diminishes our ability to get things done.

So create a new practice of taking time to sit in silence. Turn off the television and or radio. Find someplace that is quiet. Take a few slow long deep breaths to relax yourself. And ask yourself a question in your own mind.

For example, you might ask “What is the most important thing I can do to move my life forward today?”  Or you might ask “Who could I talk to today to help me create more leads for my business?”  Then sit in silence and simply focus on each breath in and out.  Let go of the need to get an instant answer. The brain doesn’t typically work that way. Your answer may come to you instantly or it may come to you in the middle of a meeting later in the day. It might come to you as you’re laying down to go to sleep that night or perhaps the following night.  It could come to you first thing when you wake up in the morning after your subconscious mind has had time to work on it during the night.  This is why it’s important to keep a pad of paper and pen by your bedside so you can write these things down as soon as you rise or they pop into your head.

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Asking is about being proactive in life and this is a new habit we are going to commit to create! It is also a way to choose what we focus on which is very important! Taking action in life towards our goals is the only way to bring them about. We can plan and wish and even pray but as the good book says faith without deeds is dead.  It takes energy and action to bring our desires and goals to life. When we are doing things, things are not just happening to us in life while we react to the latest drama. So ask yourself what you want to know because you are connected to a resource greater than Google when it comes to data. Your brain is a supercomputer more powerful than any supercomputer ever known to or created by man today!

Additionally, some say we are connected at a quantum sub atomic level to all of creation.  Others have written about a great “collective consciousness” where ideas and creativity flow like Ocean currents. So keep asking for what you want to know and listening for the answers!  Keep an ideas journal or notebook at your bedside. Keep another ideas journal in the shower area so you can jot things down when you get ideas coming out of the shower.  Keep one in the car with you too.  You can use your smartphone’s voice recorder to capture the answers you get while you’re out and about as well. It doesn’t matter what high tech or low tech device you use to record the answers that come to you so much as it matters that you’re focusing on listening for the answers and capturing them when they come!