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You’ve decided to make your life work for you and create positive change by joining and taking advantage of our Life Mastery Library and tools. That decision set a chain of positive events in motion in your life! Congratulations! You are on a path of learning and growth to live a life of passion and purpose. That sets you apart in an elite group of human beings as most others are stuck in cycles of worry and complaint focusing on what they don’t want in life.

When we are engaged in worry, anxiety or fear it has something to do with how we are interpreting our thoughts about our past or something we perceive might happen in the future. We cannot change the past and the future is in large part up to us and has not happened. When your mind engages in stressful internal conversations that result in your feeling helpless, hopeless or powerless in any way do not dwell on it. Instead, recognize that anxiety as a sign like a flashing indicator light on your car’s dashboard to check the engine. See it as an opportunity to take a new positive healthy action right now! Recycle your perceived pain or anxiety into energy to power your next forward thinking action step to set new things in motion. Be the decider! Make a new choice to take a new action. That takes you into the moment and this is where a mindful person has great power to mold one’s own life.

The more positive actions you begin and string together the more positive outcomes you’re going to experience. Engage MPA, Massive Positive Action! Come up with a trigger phrase to remind yourself that you get to decide what your next thought and actions are going to be.

I use the mental cue of “Okay Next!” to remind myself to take a new step forward and create a positive cause to generate a positive effect. Life is about cause and effect relationships. The more positive causes we create, the more positive effects we experience and share. Creating a continuous stream of purposeful positive action builds momentum in our life that acts like a current carrying us towards our goal of a healthy happy meaningful life. So whenever I feel stress I take a deep breath or two and say to myself “Okay Next!” I reach down and feel my Ok next bracelet to remind me that I get to choose my next thought, my next emotion, my next action and then I take immediate positive action forward no matter how small I get myself moving.

Create more positive causes we generate more positive effects!  Be the decider and a man or woman of action. It feels great to take charge of your own happiness and success! So experience the moment and be present and mindful remembering to take note of your thoughts and feelings without dwelling in them for any length of time. Then make a list of the next positive actions you can take and keep deciding to do what’s next in your life!

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