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Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. This is especially so because it provides the body with the energy to work through the day. But before we discus physical nutrition for a healthier brain and body, we need to look at achieving a healthy mindset. Remember, our thoughts create our emotional states which power our actions and our actions develop into habits. It is our habits which then determine our outcomes and this is how we create our own destiny in life!

We must be the master editor or screenwriter of the magnificent motion picture that is our own life! Each day many of us start out our day with a meal sitting in front of a television or watching media on our smart phones. Most of us are focusing on a stream of fear laden negatively charged events they call “news”.  This is typically a recounting of the world’s biggest unsolvable problems and watching it sets a discordant tone that reverberates throughout our entire day! 

Starting the day this way is like eating a bag of candy with a liter of soda every morning.  It’s the equivalent of junk food and it will lead to just as negative and unhealthy outcomes in our lives.

So turn off the news in the morning! Start the day with something informative, educational and inspirational instead. This first hour has been called the “Golden Hour”. Watching a great talk at TED Talks is an excellent way to make a great start to your day. Or you can search for videos on by searching for keyword phrases like “Inspirational” or “Best health practices” or “Mind hacks for good habits”.

A balanced meal should contain energy giving food like good carbohydrates, body building foods (Proteins), and vitamins from a serving of fruits such as berries and green leafy vegetables. Make sure to drink at least eight fluid ounces of water with breakfast. In fact, drink at least that much water before each meal. The brain is and our body is made up of water and we require it for our mind and body to function well.

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So, at your next breakfast feed your mind and body with something healthy and give yourself the edge you need to have a successful day! So don’t skip breakfast! Start the day with healthy food, plenty of water and some positive inspirational or educational media. We went over the “Golden Hour” Mindhack earlier.  You can return to review the suggestions for listening materials if you need to. Remember you get to choose your focus in life just like you can choose what you eat or do not eat each day. Whether or not you do so consciously and mindfully with the intention of living a happy healthy fulfilling life is ultimately up to you! Make a great choice!