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Become happier and more self confident by giving yourself more credit!

You are an amazing powerful and capable person! You get done things all day that often go unrecognized but make a huge difference not just in your own life but in the lives of people all around you. You matter greatly in this world.  Every smile you share with a person, every door you hold open, every kind word you share, it all helps people live a happier life and that is HUGE!!! Take some pride in your being a good, kind, thoughtful and capable person and give yourself credit for the little things. It is the little things that add up to the big things over time. Small acts of kindness shared with perfect strangers often creates feelings of wellness that ripple out in our lives in amazing ways creating positive outcomes for us and others.

Here’s a strategy to really help yourself feel confident and empowered. Do something you feel is important and big first. It tells your subconscious mind “I’m  person who handles things and gets important things done!”. Add to your list the one thing that if you get done today would give you a sense of accomplishment and then get started with that. Do that most important thing first and commit yourself to completing it! Once you complete it write it down on your “MY WELL DONE LIST” journal!  Why write it down? People who write things down get more done & achieve more of what they identify is success for them.

But don’t stop there with the one big thing a day. Write down the “little” things that you felt good about today. Focusing on the meaningful experiences you have creates more happiness each day! Write down the thing you were meaning to do and decided today is the day and you got done. Perhaps you were meaning to take that book off the table and put it back on the shelf. Or maybe you were planning on calling someone you haven’t spoken to or were thinking about for some time.  Give yourself credit for your small steps and before you know it you’ll be skipping through life on your way to new experiences in surprising enjoyable ways. You will be amazed how great you feel the more “meaning to” things get done from your list of things you’ve been meaning to do but kept putting off!

Yes we all have ToDo lists or many of us do but it’s important to remind yourself of all the things we do get done each day because very often we lose track of our accomplishments and feel as if we are not making enough progress. Have you ever finished your day and wondered what on Earth you got done today at the end of the day?

So here’s the powerful Happiness Tool for increasing your happiness we have created from the Happiness Success Academy’s new course 50 Steps To Happiness! For increased happiness and productivity in life, create your own MY WELL DONE LIST!  It could be as simple as a yellow notepad with the words “MY WELL DONE LIST!” at the top of it.  Or you could buy a nice little journal to keep with you and we’ve made one you can purchase that’s rather special.  

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Keep adding your completed tasks to it and read it at the end of each day to reinforce your ability to get stuff done! It doesn’t matter how small the accomplishment you get done is, just jot it down! It’s all the “little things” in life that add up to create our big milestones and important feelings. And write I statements like “I read a chapter in my book today!” or “I did my bookkeeping today!” so you claim the victory in your mind. Include things like conversations you have with people and places you visited because it is the experiences we have that create our lasting positive memories. You might write “I went to the market and bought healthy food and complimented the checkout clerk which brightened up her day!” or any interaction you have with people that created more warmth and meaning in your life. 

Then at the end of the day read your list for that day and look through the recent past days too. Allow yourself to feel your personal power. It’s the little things we often cherish looking back, be it back to our childhood or to a moment of kindness we shared with someone.  You are amazing! You do more than you give yourself credit for each day. We all do!

Give yourself credit for every mindful effort you make today and be aware of how you felt when you achieved it. Here’s the power tool you can get to create your own my Well Done list journal. Why use this instead of a notepad?  You want your list to have a sense of special meaning and its own positive energy charge so every time you see it it activates that portion of your brain that says you’re capable and a take charge person that makes things happen!

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What should you have learned: 

  • Do the one big thing first every day.
  • Focusing on the meaningful experiences you have creates more happiness.
  • You are amazing and do more than you realize!
  • If you fail to plan you plan to fail.
  • Add and do the one thing to get done that will give a sense of accomplishment first.
  • Create a “My Well Done List”  journal and read it nightly. Do you want to learn more lessons and get more happiness tools like this?

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