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Games Increase Happiness

Brain games like the now famous Luminosity and others help us create new pathways for knowledge in our brain, making learning things easier even as we age in life. In this short 50 Steps To Happiness lesson we explore and encourage adding fun learning experiences to help us become our best selves! Human beings learn by playing games. We relieve stress by playing games. We find friends and develop our “tribes” of friends and fans by playing games together.

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Let’s take a look at one of the most effective ways to deal with anxiety and exhaustion. Before studying or working on a project or starting anything requiring peak performance, engage in a few moments of mindful conscious breathing. Here’s where we start. To practice this find a comfortable seated position and relax

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One of the most powerful tools for achieving greater health, peak performance and experiencing more happiness we can share with you is the practice of meditation. Once thought to be a woo woo hippie thing it is now practiced from Silicon Valley leading tech firms to Fortune 100 Wall Street firms and in homes around the world! We’re going to present an easy to learn way to tap into and harness the restorative creative power of meditation in this lesson. Let’s get started!

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Thank you for being here with us at Happiness Success Academy and taking this happiness course with us! If you ever wondered “How can I really be happy?” and stop being so stressed out all the time, this course is here for you! We are here for you!