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GRIGO The Greatness Filter

Find the greatness and the good around you and enjoy it and become like it and then share it with others. You are a greatness conduit through which good things flow and you make the best of everything that comes to you naturally and you appreciate it when it does.

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The idea is to see life through a compassionate positive filter with a full heart so that you can be aware of the positive signals and opportunities for growth around you each day. In this 4Answers Life Mastery Library lesson we describe techniques or a “mindhack” for creating a positive filter that creates opportunities for greater prosperity on every level in life.

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We’re going to show you a powerful technique for stopping the part of the brain that thrives on fear, negativity and encourages a culture of complaining that holds us back in life. This is very important skill to develop. Let’s explore how you can create a healthier happier life with this very cool technique.

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Visualization is an incredibly powerful Mindhack & peak performer tool for using the conscious and subconscious mind to set a course for our lives that helps us achieve more and be more. Individuals who have attained record breaking levels of success consistently attest to using visualization to improve their confidence, performance and to manifest their goals. Lets look at how you can achieve more too.

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Okay here’s one of the most powerful important positive habits we can add to our lives to give ourselves more of an edge as we cut through the daily challenges we face. The idea is called the Golden Hour. use the Golden Hour Mindhack to get your brain in tune for a positive productive day and build the kind of healthy winning mindset that leads to real progress!

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Thank you for being here with us at Happiness Success Academy and taking this happiness course with us! If you ever wondered “How can I really be happy?” and stop being so stressed out all the time, this course is here for you! We are here for you!