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A happily creative learning brain is a healthy brain! Learning to express yourself in a playful joyful way creates a space for us to learn and grow as human beings that spurs innovation and growth. What do you enjoy doing for fun? My passion is creative writing and doing artwork. This is one of the simplest ways to boost one’s productivity while enjoying oneself and its a great way to learn what your purpose and passion is in life. Another of the key principals we are teaching here at Life Mastery Library is the value of living a life of meaning and purpose the best we can. In fact living a life of meaning and purpose is a key to being a healthy happy person. What do you love? What brings you real joy and happiness when you do it?

Be a life long learner! It’s essential in an ever changing world and global economy to be constantly acquiring new skills and improving the one’s we have now. Large firms like those in Silicon Valley often say one of the traits they look for in new hires is creativity and flexibility.  Remember in our past lessons we advised watching TED Talk videos during the “Golden Hour” the first hour of each day to set a positive tone for the rest of your day? Here are a couple great talks about how play makes us smarter and exploring our passion creates success.

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So explore your creative nature. Take a class at the local community center or college in something that interests you and meet new people doing the same thing. Exposing yourself to new ideas and people and places creates new pathways in the brain making it easier to learn other things. It also helps the body and the mind to be resilient to stress. TED Talks at are a great way to learn new things and stay inspired during the day. They feature educational and inspiring speeches by incredible people! Find something you enjoy and invest time in it daily. Here’s a great Ted talk to start with!

Finding your passion and purpose starts with learning about yourself, who you are. Learn what your unique strengths are by taking an honest look at yourself and asking people what they admire or see that’s good in you. What is your core value in life? What do you really like about yourself? What inspires you in others and why?

A happily creative learning brain is a healthy brain! If you don’t have a hobby ask your friends about theirs. Learning something new with friends is a great way to strengthen your bonds of friendship and grow your connections to a supportive community of people and this is one of the predominant ways people become happier.