Share more happiness!


Brain games like the now famous Luminosity and others help us create new pathways for knowledge in our brain, making learning things easier even as we age in life. In this short 50 Steps To Happiness lesson we explore and encourage adding fun learning experiences to help us become our best selves! Human beings learn by playing games. It is vitally important that we do what we can to reduce stress so we can become healthy enough to enjoy our lives and achieve our goals. Games are an excellent way to do this. Just because we get older doesn’t mean we should stop playing!

We can do a great deal to relieve stress by playing games and should make time in our life for the things we enjoy. Stress is one of the biggest health risks we face and poor health reduces overall feelings of happiness in life. We find friends and develop our “tribes” of friends and fans by playing games together.

Having these networks of friends has been shown to be a key component of happiness and good mental health! So find friends to play games with.  If possible get out of the house and find groups you can meetup with for game nights.  Having face to face social interactions with people you connect with over shared enjoyable activities is critically important to our overall health and happiness.

The internet has a lot of brain games that will challenge your creativity, decrease stress and promote greater happiness. Download brain games into your life to enhance your brains effectiveness. Keeping your brain learning and stimulated helps it form new pathways that make it easier to learn even more. You can also download games onto your Android phone or i-phone or computer and make a habit of playing it. Play games that help your brain recognize patterns and practice short term memory. Here’s an example of games to help our brain and improve feelings of happiness by reducing stress.