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Happiness isn’t an accident.  Like everything else in our life, it is the result of the choices we make and actions we take day by day. The idea that our focus and mindful choices creates the positive progress that creates more happiness is a core part of the strategy we share in our latest course on happiness. Listening to music that soothes your soul and uplifts you shouldn’t be an activity you only do once in a while when you get down and out or have a little spare time. Make it a priority and part of your life like eating, and exercise. Feed your spirit peaceful sounds that vibrate calm and good feelings throughout your entire being.

What sounds bring you peace and feelings of a deeper connection to your true spirit? Do you enjoy being in nature and listening to the birds singing and the sound of the stream or the Ocean waves coming ashore? Maybe you enjoy a walk down the busy avenue and the sounds of people enjoying the busy life in the city? Or maybe you love to hear your kids playing in the yard having fun. Take a moment and make a list of the sounds you love hearing and how you feel when you hear these sounds.

Take a moment now to think about the sounds you hear regularly every day and how they make you feel when you hear them? You can use this survey form or you can simply write a list of your own somewhere. The idea is to become aware and mindful of the sounds you take in and subject yourself to and how they make you feel. Then you can decide to reduce the sounds  that make you anxious and increase the sounds that bring you peace and pleasure! Your focus in life is your choice. To be able to make good choices we must become mindful of what we are doing. We share lessons introducing people to the healing happiness producing benefits of mindfulness in our course 50 Steps To Happiness and highly recommend you look into learning how to take control of your focus.

Healing Sounds

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  • List a sound you usually hear.
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Listen to music that moves you, music you really love! Music has a way of reaching us at a deep subconscious level and helps us move out of being stuck in thought.  Being stuck in thought is like sitting in a mud puddle, listing to music is like dancing in it.

Listening to music you enjoy can have many benefits beyond decreasing stress and increasing your enjoyment of life. Recent studies show listening to music can increase your endurance while exercising.

You can use powerful mobile apps to feed your spirit the healing calming sounds that enrich your life every day! Stress results in over 60% of all of our illnesses today. Listening to music decreases a hormone called Cortisol which contributes to higher rates of illness. And people who participate in singing and playing instruments show increases in their immune system! Some studies have found that listening to classical music, meditative music or music that listeners particularly enjoy is as effective in treating pain for cancer patients as existing treatments.

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Natura Sound Therapy is available on Android or IOS for iPhones. It features thirty four original music and nature sound tracks as well as brain synchronizing sounds designed to help your brain enter deeper states of relaxation. Download the iOS or Android app here!  There are a variety of other similar apps available so take some time out to find and try a few until you discover which one suits you best.

Let’s not get so busy working on success or even survival to listen to good music. It’s a gift we have as human beings, to appreciate and even create music.  Use a site like Youtube or Spotify to create a play list of the music that inspires you, uplifts you and makes you feel really good when you listen to it.  Then use this every day to engage your emotions and mind in a positive stream of consciousness.   This song has been created and engineered to reduce feelings of anxiety and stress.

How often do you set aside time to simply listen to soothing and enjoyable music that makes you feel good and let the stress of life drift away?

Make time every day to feed your spirit by listening to music that calms, relaxes and soothes you to improve your feelings of health and happiness.  We all have busy schedules and a great deal to get done but if we don’t take time to protect our mental, emotional and physical well being our productivity will suffer.  Listening to music is important to schedule every day just like taking time to walk out in nature is.  Being around the trees, at the Ocean or just walking down your block each day will help you reduce stress, clear your mind so you can think better and be greatly beneficial to your health and happiness. Why not listen to music while you walk each day?

People listening to this track of music specifically engineered to decrease stress have reported that their feelings of anxiety and stress reduced by an average of 65%!