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If you want to achieve your goals in life you have to know what they are and write them down. A great way to remember this is;

Ink it, don’t think it!

One thing successful achievers share in common is they set goals and do so effectively every day! Big achievers set big goals that inspire them, write them down, take steps to energize them, and then they take small continuous steps to make progress towards them learning and adjusting along the way.

The main reasons goals go unfulfilled is because people are overwhelmed by them, don’t believe they have the ability to achieve them so they either give up or don’t even start and are not in tune with the reasons they want to achieve the goal int he first place. It is important to create a confident mindset by reminding yourself why it is you want to achieve the goal and how great you’ll feel when you do. Remember the personal inventory list we made? Did you read your list and your bottom line why statement today? 

Now that you have energy and fear is your ally rather than your enemy, here is another great mindhack for achieving goals when you find yourself unable to get started on them. If you want to read a book for example, try setting the goal of reading the first chapter. If you find yourself not doing this then cut the goal in half. Set your goal as reading the first several pages of the book. Still not doing it? Cut it in half again and read the first page.

In college, very often the hardest part of studying was simply getting myself to start. So, I set a goal to just open the cover of the book. What I found was as soon as I did so, it was easy to read the first page of the assigned chapter. Once I did that I found myself reading effortlessly.

The Pygmies of the Rain forest had a saying. The way to eat an Elephant is one bite at a time. (Well that might be apocryphal but you get the idea!).

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So make sure your goal is inspiring to you and your steps small and achievable so you feel comfortable taking the next step, and then you’ll take another and so on!

What small step can you take today towards a goal of improving your health, your business or learning something new to position yourself to experience the life you want to live each day?

Try the Cut It In Half MindHack technique today and put procrastination in your rear-view mirror. You need to do self-assessment asking yourself and writing down why you think you are not doing what you want to do. Then make the next step smaller until you get it done! Remember, “Ink it don’t think it!”

Great job! Let’s keep going!

What you should have learned:

  • Set big inspiring emotion charged goals & write them down!
  • Read and remember your own “bottom line why” statement.
  • Take baby steps to start on your goals.
  • Assess your progress and cut your steps in half if needed.