Share more happiness!


Study after study have found that gratitude is one of the most common attitudes and traits of successful happy people. The more you complain the more you’ll find and have to complain about. Conversely, the more you appreciate the more you’ll find and have to be appreciative about! So each day find three things to be appreciative of. Write it down and share it with others.  You might find someone on Twitter or Facebook who is kind or positive or insightful in some way and say something like “you know what I really appreciate about you?” then tell them!  Get in the habit of telling people what you appreciate about them and those things will appreciate or grow in your life!  Then turn your focus inward and acknowledge yourself for something you appreciate and value. You might say to yourself and write down in an “Appreciation List” a new sentence each day like “I appreciate my ability to laugh when times get tough”.  Or you might say “I appreciate my strong desire to learn things every day”.  You could phrase it as “I’m grateful for the love of my family today” or “I’m grateful I can clothe and feed myself today” and so on. 

I was at the tire store the other day after my car’s tire blew out and sitting there waiting for the crew to finish up I was feeling sorry for myself. I would need two new tires costing hundreds of dollars I hadn’t planned on spending this month.  I was feeling tired and worn out myself that day and sitting there starting to feel sorry for myself I noticed a customer walk in the waiting room.  He was a young man in his twenties and he was on two crutches. His legs barely functioned. He had some physical disability and struggled with each step to pull each leg ahead of him one after the other using the strength in his arms to move himself forward.  He was there for new tires also and likely not thrilled with the expense and he had a lot more in life to be troubled about than I did.  But he didn’t seem sullen or upset. He was handling life.  It occurred to me there are many in life with more difficulties than I have and they make the best of them and my feeling sorry for myself seemed extremely counterproductive.  I felt grateful for my challenges and capabilities.  Do you?

Appreciate the good you see in others and in yourself and affirm it! Say it and write it down and realize (make real) that you are really fortunate in many ways.

So be on the look out for things you can consciously (mindfully) take note of to be appreciated of in your life. Make a note with your phone when you find things you are appreciative of by taking a picture or video of it. For a levelup on this Mindhack share the picture or video on social media to share the positive appreciation with others. Whatever you appreciate in life appreciates, it grows!