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What you think about most of the time and what you think about yourself is your code, it is your personal programming.

Today I am going to seek out the most inspiring and positive people and ideas to add to my life!

In the computer programming industry, there’s an Mnemonic (memory) device to help achieve better results it goes; G.I.G.O. and it stands for Garbage In Garbage Out. That means if one writes bad code or programming language the resulting program or software will be just as bad producing a bad user experience.  OK this one is a big one as far as happiness lessons goes! Remember “GIGO” the saying for programmers about garbage in garbage out?  Well we are going to modify that taking it up a notch (level-up!) to GRIGO “Greatness In Greatness Out!” What you think about most of the time and what you think about yourself is your code, it is your personal programming. So make sure it’s good, positive, empowering and when you do so your outcomes will be too!  Who are the people who inspire you? Who are the leaders in your field? What people in your life do you admire?  Bring them and their lessons closer to your life experience and learn from them.

Sunglasses, Summer, Pretty Young Woman

Be aware of what you focus on, listen to and absorb around you because your life will be a reflection or projection of this.

This is very important! If you want your mind to work better and your life to work better, you need to give it the tools to do so. If you had a person building a fence for your home you would want to make sure they had the saw, shovel, hammer and nails to do the job right, wouldn’t you? So too as you’re building your own life each day you need to see that you have the right tools to do the job.

The following happiness techniques are here to help you on your path to becoming happier and living a life at peak performance, free to live the life you want to live each and every day!

Remember “GRIGO” as you keep reading and going about your day. “Greatness In Greatness Out!” Put it on a post-it note up on your computer and around your work and living areas to remind you.  In life we tend to find more of whatever we are looking for. So seek out the very best in everything and everyone around you. Be mindful of what you put into your body and mind. Look for the best you can find in life and gather it to you. Find the best food to eat, the greatest books and media to absorb, the greatest people to surround yourself with, the best aromas to have around you, the best clothing to adorn yourself with and help yourself feel great, be on the lookout for the greatest in everything out there.  Find the greatness and the good around you and enjoy it and become like it and then share it with others. You are a greatness conduit through which good things flow and you make the best of everything that comes to you naturally and you appreciate it when it does. There is greatness all around us in small and large things.

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Find a great person who inspires you and begin reading their autobiography. Find someone at work you admire and invite them to lunch. Look for the success stories in life today and immerse yourself in one.


Let the search for greatness begin!
*Hint: it’s already within you!