How I rate my success
Visualize my perfect day ☐ Not Yet
Read what you accomplished and wrote yesterday ☐ Not Yet
Give someone a sincere compliment ☐ Not Yet
Take 10 slow deep breaths ☐ Not Yet
Walk in nature without your phone or distractions ☐ Not Yet
Think of three things
you are grateful for
☐ Not Yet
Watch or listen to an inspiring
positive bit of media
☐ Not Yet
Volunteer to help someone in need ☐ Not Yet
Remember a time you felt really loved and valued ☐ Not Yet
Do one thing you’ve been putting off doing for too long ☐ Not Yet
Hug someone. If nobody’s available hug yourself! ☐ Not Yet
Do fifteen minutes of mindfulness meditation ☐ Not Yet
Do the Six Phase Meditation ☐ Not Yet
Water your plants and or work in your garden ☐ Not Yet
Spend time petting and playing with a dog or a cat ☐ Not Yet
Listen to upbeat music that makes
you feel great
☐ Not Yet
Write a story about your life unfolding the way you want it to ☐ Not Yet
Clean one area of your home or office ☐ Not Yet
Smile! It sends an actual signal to your brain that you’re happy! ☐ Not Yet
Share a smile with a someone ☐ Not Yet
Open a door for someone or find another act of kindness to share ☐ Not Yet
Copy & paste pictures to your vision board to visualize your happiness ☐ Not Yet
Do fifteen minutes of physical activity like walking or something else you enjoy ☐ Not Yet
Drink more water ☐ Not Yet
Take a time-out of the news and negative social media timelines ☐ Not Yet
Share some encouragement with someone in person or on social media ☐ Not Yet
Read a poem and or write one ☐ Not Yet
Sit in the sunshine.
(Use sun screen)
☐ Not Yet
Visit the Ocean or a river or pond and sit by the water ☐ Not Yet
Ask yourself empowering questions ☐ Not Yet
Make a list of your resources ☐ Not Yet
Do your top two important tasks today ☐ Not Yet