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How do I stop feeling so stressed out all the time? Positive affirmations can help us find the answer!

My whole life I’ve been a victim of my own self-defeating thoughts. From musing about why I got picked last in kickball on the playground to wondering if that girl at school was smiling at me because she was teasing me or she liked me, to doubting if I could actually succeed on my own as an entrepreneur.

This repetitive negative internal story telling that goes on in our brain about our fears, doubts and often nonsensical imagining of what others are thinking about us is a major factor leading to unhappiness! As you might imagine it turns out that I’m just one of many millions of people who experience this high level of stress and negative thinking!  That internal critical voice doubting me and berating me for not living up to some imagined high standards of behavior was becoming a real problem in my life and I was tired of it!  I set out to find ways of countering this negative voice inside my head chattering away at me and keeping me from really living my life.

I found some of the earliest pioneers in what today people call the “Law Of Attraction” as represented in part in the famous book “The Secret”.  I found the ground breaking works of Earl Nightingale the author of one of the best selling books of all time called Think And Grow Rich. He said what you think about, comes about! All the other books on this subject tend to center around this main concept of creating a positive internal framework of our life that yields a more happy positive outcome in our life.

I’ve discovered in today’s world with constant streams of negativity and complaining from Facebook friends to Twitter to Instagram buzzing at me from the phone, to the angry violent stuff on the TV set, it’s difficult to maintain a positive feeling and approach to life. It really takes great effort to eliminate the habit of complaining with friends. It’s like giving up coffee or junk food, it’s hard to do at first but once you do it you feel so much better!

I want to feel happier and less worry, stress and anxiety!  Everyone I talk to does too. And reducing the negative chatter in my own brain is a key to doing this. The most powerful effective methods of doing this I’ve found so far include learning and practicing “Mindfulness” which is basically becoming more aware and in the moment of life and using tools to train my thinking like affirmations, journal writing, meditation and visualization.  They all work very well to reduce worry, stress and anxiety. And you can learn them step by step.

I decided I have had enough with feeling stressed out, full of anxiety and self doubt. I made a decision to believe in myself and make my life work regardless of what anyone thinks even that negative self-doubting voice in my head. That decision it turns out was my first big positive affirmation.  You see affirmations are declarations we make to ourselves.  I like to think of them as meaningful decisions we make about who we want to be in life.  So much in life is about our own intentions and conscious decisions for what we tell ourselves is important to us. What is important to you? Is it to really life your life to the fullest, to be a healthy person, to be successful and happy?

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This is a powerful affirmation I learned from author and public speaker Tony Robins today. That man is a wealth of knowledge about how we can change our emotional mental states to move ourselves forward in life! How did he get to be so rich in knowledge? Effort! Practice! Focus and determination! Okay here’s his affirmation he said every day to help him as a young adult move beyond his self limitations and change his life for the better:

God’s wealth is circulating in my life! His wealth flows to me in avalanches of abundance! All my needs desires and goals are met instantaneously by infinite intelligence for I am one with God and God is everything!

Try this or write your own in your own words from your heart and say it every day for the next 30 days! You can replace the word “God” with “My higher source” or “The Energy of Life” or whatever you feel touches your heart and soul with goodness.

Happiness and success is in large part about our focus and mindful positive choices we make. It also takes action! It like everything takes effort and practice.

Train your brain to have a positive filter and focus and it will act like your GPS to point your life to a happier path!

What affirmations are you telling yourself? We constantly tell ourselves things as we work on being entrepreneurs, parents, students or just as everyday people.  A practice of mindfulness will help you learn to listen to what you’re telling yourself and then be able to make better and healthier choices.

In moments of stress we often tell ourselves stories that make us unhappy and keep us from taking the next step in life like; “This is too hard” “I’m not as good as the others in my space” “I’ll never be as successful as that person is!” “Why would anyone pay me so much money I’m not qualified enough”, and on and on our inner negative doubtful affirmations go!

At a certain point we can just scream SHUT THE F UP! to that self doubting fearful affirmation loop in our heads! Silently yell STOP! (It stops … for a while) You can even respond as I do sometimes with “that may have been true of me before but I’m different and growing now!” and that puts that voice back into the past and out of the moment of now!

But it’s crucially important to feed our whole body-mind-spirit with positive self-love and abiding faith in our ability to triumph!

Here’s another affirmation my intuition brought me recently.
“The Universe supports my health, happiness and abundance! I am safe, secure and loved!”

I hope you’re telling yourself loving kind stories about yourself.
What is your current affirmation?

Peace Love & Happiness!