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One of the most powerful tools for achieving greater health, peak performance and experiencing more happiness we can share with you is the practice of meditation. Once thought to be a woo woo hippie thing it is now practiced from Silicon Valley leading tech firms to Fortune 100 Wall Street firms and in homes around the world!  We’re going to present an easy to learn way to tap into and harness the restorative creative power of meditation in this lesson.

Meditation will help you relax which is highly desirable indeed but that is just the beginning of the many known benefits it delivers to those who practice it. These include re-energizing and revitalizing us and improving our concentration and focus. It also helps to achieve emotional self-control resulting in improved interpersonal relationships and achieving peak performance at work and in our personal lives.

Many successful people, by which I mean happy high performing people in various walks of life from Silicon Valley CEOs and Hollywood movie stars, to award winning athletes and coaches like Lakers coach Phil Jackson have adopted this practice and made it a part of their daily routine. We encourage you to learn more about meditation and incorporate it into your self-care activities. We are going to share the basics of what’s referred to as Mindfulness Meditation as it is easily accessible and enjoyable while offering countless benefits. We hope you decide to make mindfulness meditation a part of your own health plan. Not the health insurance plan we all hope to have and pay for each month, but the health plan we consciously create for ourselves to eat well and live well each day. 

What is meditation? Meditation is the practice of creating a focused peaceful mind. Meditation is often thought of as, but is not necessarily the practice of blocking all thoughts or feelings from our mind. There are many forms of meditation and some do include this type of focus. Transcendental meditation for example includes the repetition of a “mantra” which is a saying one focuses on to center one’s thinking and disrupt the internal chatter. Mindfulness meditation is another approach to meditation and one that I think you’ll find is quite accessible to you and very rewarding.

Mindfulness meditation is the practice of becoming more fully aware of our thoughts and feelings while not letting them run away with us or control how we feel. For any of of us who have let our inner chatter drive us to distraction over worrying about the past or future or interpretations of people’s intentions towards us, the ability to reclaim a degree of stillness and self control that comes from this practice will be very useful. Here is a guided video demonstration of mindfulness meditation for you to experience. 

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As you’ve seen and I hope experienced from participating in the above meditation mindfulness meditation is the simple practice of developing conscious focus in the moment. By focusing on one’s deep slow breaths in and out we become aware as thoughts or feelings arise and we take note of them and let them drift by as we gently remind ourselves to “come back to the breath” and focus on the next breath. This saying or mantra “Back to the breath” is very helpful in reminding ourselves and centering ourselves in the moment. We have developed a tool for you to use in doing your mindfulness practice and you can find it below.

This practice relaxes the mind and body and helps us to reduce anxiety and stress. To do your daily mindfulness meditation sit down somewhere comfortable. You do not need to sit with your legs crossed and chant Ohmmm or chant anything for that matter. Simply sit comfortably preferably in a quiet environment relaxing any tension in your shoulders or neck, resting your hands comfortably on your lap and begin to breath deeply and slowly.

With each breath place your attention on how the air flows into your nose and how your chest rises and falls. Take note of how your body feels.  Take note of any thoughts that enter your mind and don’t try to block them. Thoughts come and go all the time, this is natural. As they do simply make a mental note of the fact that your mind is experiencing thinking and gently bring yourself back to your breath by saying to yourself “back to my breath”. With that gentle reminder you return your focus where you want it into the moment.  

Then keep breathing slowly and deeply in and out placing your focus on each breath. As your mind goes to “thinking” and realizing of thought and you center on your breathing again then back to “thinking” and so on you are building a muscle memory of gaining awareness of your mental state. This awareness is what we want. We want to be aware because with awareness we have a choice of what to do next and what to focus on next. This ability to choose brings with it great freedom and opportunity to be healthy and happy.

We have created this exclusive Mindfulness Bracelet focusing reminder tool for you to help you become more conscious and mindful as you live your life each day. Simply noticing it or feeling it on your wrist or touching it and moving it around your wrist you will remember that you have the ability to return to the breath and place your focus in the moment! Tools are very important in life. They help us build things. This powerful tool is here for you to help you build greater awareness and consciousness that you can be present in the moment and in that presence of mind have the ability to make healthy choices that lead to happier healthier outcomes! Please act now and buy yours while this campaign is active for our members. It’s affordable and ships directly to your door.

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