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Welcome back to your THIRD MONTH! We are so happy you’re here with us!

Congratulations for choosing to give yourself the tools
you need to master your own life!

You are making great progress! I know it’s a lot to take in. Remember, it’s all a process of making good healthy steps, having the tools and knowledge to make those steps count and good coaches to help you keep stepping forward to be the best you possible today!

This month review the new steps you’ve taken and what you’ve learned from them. Write them down in your journal/notebook.

Now you can make adjustments and add a few more positive action steps to build your life and live it at peak performance bringing you greater health and happiness!

You have more premium downloads below! They share fundamentals we have found are essential in building a healthier happier more fulfilling life!

Remember your life works
when your mind works!

Each of the first three months your Membership Level Advances
from Bronze to Silver to Gold unlocking more great tools you can use to be the best you you can be!

So staying with the program each month brings you more value
to your life as you make progress and grow with us!


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This first module in the Life Mastery Library is about getting the mindset and tools to design and improve your life through developing a healthy approach to mental health.

Your MONEY MIND smart finances for smart people!

2. Having your financial life working well gives us the peace of mind to pursue our goals and live a balanced happy life. Learn these fundamentals to get your financial life on track and get the edge you need to make real progress.


Thinking BIG and getting rich!thinking-big-and-getting-rich-500

3. Think Big and get Rich is a guide for activating the parts of your brain that bring big powerful ideas into your consciousness and help you confidently take action to make it a reality.


The WEALTHY Mindset!

4. The wealthy mindset features seventy seven powerful wealth secrets to make you richer in every way that matters to you. Change your mind and your life will follow! Mindset is way we think about and frame the events that happen in our life. Thinking like a successful person helps lead to a successful outcome in life.



5. Stress is a barrier to good health and peak performance. This guide will show you how to confidently take actions to reduce stress in your life every day so you can use your mind to achieve your goals.

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6. This module download helps you get in touch with your real passion and purpose in life. Life is about passion and energy and the energy you use to manifest the happy healthy and prosperous life you deserve!



7. This module is incredibly powerful and important! Maintaining a positive outlook while facing personal difficulties and a world of conflict is the key to making the progress you want each and every day! You must feed your head and heart with positive inspiring ideas and use “Mindhacks” techniques to keep your spirits up and push forward to achieve the life you desire and deserve!


Personal Power PERFECTION!

8. If you want to achieve a healthy happy life that is fulfilling and prosperous and realize your goals for personal freedom you need to start with a foundation of love. Love is the most powerful force in the Universe!  And it must begin with you!  Learning to love yourself is the key to embracing more good, more good fortune good health and prosperity of every kind. Download this and get started!



9. This module is full of helpful and important techniques for getting more done in a more effective manner.  Life today with our phones and the internet is full of distractions and many of them take us away from good habits that lead to our ultimate health and happiness. This is designed to help you reduce the negative drains on your potential. Download and use it!


Motivation Tips For Home Business Owners

10. This download is offered for those of us looking to create a home based passive stream of income to give us the space to go out and live our lives without the stress of the daily 9-5 job. If you want to create a new financial level of freedom this is a great resource to get you started.

{Begin Gold Membership Downloads}


11. You are going to love reading this module about how to manage your time and rid yourself of procrastination. This is very important since we each have a great deal to get done in life and we want to make the best use of the time we get to live a happy healthy fulfilling life! So check back with us next month and download this important resource to make your life work better!



12. This module is going to be here for you on your next month, your third month at the 4 Answers Life Mastery Library. It shares some very powerful techniques for creating the life you want to experience using something known as the law of attraction. Basically what we think about most of the time is what comes about most of the time. But there’s much more to it. So return next month to learn with us!


Healthy Lifestyle

13. This is a series of Audio Files you’ll have access to in month three at the 4 Answers Life Mastery Library!  Each one provides helpful concise tips and ideas about living a healthy life each day so you can be at your best as you create the life you deserve. Come back next month to download these audios!


Gratitude For Today!

14. This module is available on your third month! It reveals the power of embracing gratitude to shift your mindset to an attitude that creates powerful positive results in your life each and every day! Come back next month to download this powerful module!


Command & Control

15. This powerful teaching module is designed to help you achieve a higher level of personal power and control in your life. You can download it next month as you return to continue your personal growth and development with us!


Abundance Living Basics

16. This module download is here for you on your third month, next month. It covers the principles that make creating a more abundant prosperous life possible and is a favorite of ours. Return on the third month to access it and let us know how you’re doing so we can answer any questions you may have. We are here for you!