This is a course to change the course of your own life! Using the tools and techniques we share with you you can transform your own life and live a more full, joyful and less unnecessarily painful life. Yes everyone has pain and or problems we are working through in our lives and this is after all part of being human beings. It’s what we do. It’s a part of how we learn and grow. But we don’t need to keep experiencing the same problems and pain and let it stop us from living a good life. We can experience more fulfilling lives and more abundance at every level of our life once we heal our deeply seated wounds and learn to raise our energy vibration.

At it’s core this is a course about creating greater happiness and success by becoming skilled at changing our life story at a subconscious level.  We can learn to do this just like we can be skilled at math, business or playing a musical instrument.  It just takes a commitment to learn, good coaches and daily practice.

Our observation, research and life experiences reveal that most of us are living out the consequences of subconscious scripts or life blueprints we established during early formative years of life, often at times of great trauma. These scripts and the unhealed pain that helped create them are stored in our mind and at a cellular level in our body. The anger we carry and the resentment and other emotional traumas often manifest as inflammation disorders like arthritis and diabetes and other illness.  Anger is a type of raising of temperature that we carry inside of us. It can also manifest as a resistance to accepting a prosperous abundant life often due to subconscious decisions about money and our own worth as people.  In these cases often people experience constant battles with earning and holding onto money they do earn.

Having the right mindset, self confidence and knowledge and working really hard doesn’t always equate to financial success. It helps but when our subconscious mindset starts to run out it’s script and tell us a story about who we were rather than who we are then we return to that set point in life.  We do this because our subconscious wants to make our conscious life align with it as it dislikes the unknown and change. So we essentially sabotage ourselves in most cases without our ever being aware of it. It might just feel like we can’t catch a good break in life or we always attract the same messed up people for relationships.  But it’s really not them.  We create them in our life by our choices and actions. And those choices and actions are often happening automatically without our awareness.

And we all make decisions often unhealthy one’s based on these hidden scripts detailing how we viewed the world as children observing our parents, other adults and others. Until we flip these scripts and resolve and heal the wounds replacing them with more healthy life affirming scripts we keep repeating the same mistakes and pain points in our life.  These pain points include problems with money, or relationship problems or our health or all of them.

We have offered this course because we want to help as many people like you, people like us who are struggling to make life work well for ourselves every day. With this course we help people heal and create personal empowerment so they can build healthier more successfully happy lives.

We have learned what we see in our life today is not who we are now. It’s the result of the choices and actions made in our past up till now! Who we are now is up to us, and our ability to make better choices and take better actions.  And that is what we gain from learning to write a new internal story for ourselves.

It’s often reported that computer programmers are in high demand and programming is an essential job skill for the future. We believe that we can and should learn to code our own minds so the reality we create matches our goals and desires.  Because there’s no reason why you and all of us can’t be happy, healthy and successful.

We can create a new future or destiny… IF enough of us are conscious, mindful, and emotionally healed human beings.

Happiness Success Academy

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