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“You don’t get in life what you want, you get in life what you are!” ~ Les Brown

Many of our choices we make in life are done unconsciously based on our habits and routines. What we are going to do is become more mindful of our daily choices and build healthier habits that add up to a happier more fulfilling and therefore successful life. Before we can make better choices about our actions which lead us to better habits and outcomes creating and a happier healthier life, we need to have a positive mental outlook and awareness.

Consider this basic principle. What you think about most of the time is what comes about most of the time. Your own beliefs about your place in the world, what is or isn’t possible, what you’re capable of and how the world works is what powers the actions you and each of us take each day. If you didn’t believe life was good and worthwhile and you could make progress you’d likely never get out of bed in the morning. Our beliefs are a type of lens through which we view our daily lives.

What we take into our minds each day over the years creates a predisposition to view life through our own particular framework of understanding.  It’s as if each day as we get out of bed we put on a pair of invisible glasses through we we see the world. The lenses of our “glasses” might show us a rosy picture of people who are mostly nice each trying to make their way in the world with a lot to offer if we give them half a chance. Or, the lenses we have might paint things with a darker shade that casts people as mostly self centered and not to be trusted.  

In the first case we might look for the good in people, see their indiscretions with us as incidental and attribute it compassionately to whatever struggles they’re going through therefore not taking it so personally.  We might even be the type of person who doesn’t notice people’s flaws or possibly insensitive actions towards us.

In the later case we might take people’s actions personally and see them as uncaring or attribute their actions in some other negative light.  In reality I find that most people including you and I are immersed in our own worlds, living life and dealing with our own challenges, totally oblivious of us and don’t mean to be mean or rude to us. It’s helpful to remember this.

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Our deep life frame or viewpoint is developed early on in life as children in many cases based on our observations of our parents and other adults interacting with and around us. They are then reinforced over the years of our life.  We develop ways of seeing life and thinking that are physically engraved as neural pathways like trails for thoughts in our brain and they become like well worn path similar to the way we drive the same way to work or walk the same route to school every day. As they say, we are all creatures of habit.

The good news is we can create new habits and new neural pathways in our brains. This is known as neural-plasticity. We learn new ways of thinking and engaging with people by purposely seeking, learning and doing new things. We’ll work on this in the coming pages. We can create healthier ways of thinking about ourselves and others which lead to healthier actions then those lead us to develop healthier habits and more productive enjoyable lives.

Essentially we are going to learn to wear a new set of magic glasses in life.  The other day I visited the optometrist office. The young lady offered to clean my actual glasses. She worked diligently with some solution and cloth and after some time returned them to me whereupon I placed them on my face resting on my nose. All of a sudden I could see the room and people so much more clearly. I couldn’t believe the difference it made having the lenses cleaned but it was spectacular. What occurred to me was that I thought the lenses were clean! I thought I was seeing life the way it really was but in reality I wasn’t. In reality I was used to seeing life through a set of dirty lenses and thought that was reality.

When we learn to actively and consciously tune in the positive people, ideas and information we need to build a happier healthier more prosperous life then we are essentially cleaning our glasses so we can really see the world for what it is!

The things we think about every day and the way we respond to people and events is controlled by our mental frame of life. When we change our focus, our perspective and assumptions change and we begin to see how beautiful life really is! So work on your inputs and you’ll have better outcomes.  Okay, let’s keep going!