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Life comes in waves of energy. We can sink into them fighting against wave after wave reacting to the events we get or we can learn to surf the waves by choosing to live mindfully and proactively each day! All of us find ourselves at time doubting our abilities and fearing change even though we know we want things to change. That’s perfectly normal. Fear is part of life. It helps keep us out of danger and lets us know when we should take note of something. In that way it is our friend. But it can also be our enemy if we let it paralyze us into inaction and stagnation. Life is about change and our mission is to make steady forward progress. Remember courage is not the absence of fear it is the choice we make from our heart and mind to keep going in the face of it.

Perhaps we are fed up with our job and want to create our own business to have financial freedom or we are ready for a new relationship or to live in a new town and we realize that change is scary. Even though the current situation we are in is uncomfortable or worse many of us would rather endure that than paddle out onto the big waves and stand up and surf into the unknown.

The way not to become swamped by the emotions of fear and self doubt when working on your life goals is to learn to surf the waves of excitement and let the current of excitement of doing something you deeply desire carry you forward. Emotion stands for E or Energy in Motion! Let your emotions give you energy to move you forward step by step by focusing on the reasons you deeply desire to make things better. Use your “bottom line why” statement you created earlier and read it to yourself, read it aloud. Let yourself feel the energy and emotion of your deepest desires to change your life and your reasons for doing so!

Use powerful energetic music as your personal soundtrack while your reading your goals! Rocky Balboa could’t charge up those steps to the library in Chicago without that inspiring music playing “gonna fly now!” Indiana Jones wouldn’t face the Temple of Doom and snakes as confidently without that inspiring soundtrack playing him forward. Find your own energetic sound track to play when you read your goals each day and make your life a great adventure!

Things you should have learned:

  • Fear is a signal we can use to direct ourselves to change.
  • Use excitement to power yourself forward into action.
  • Keep your bottom line why motivating you forward.
  • Use music to power your emotions anchoring them to your goals.