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Why does sleep figure into achieving peak performance, making more money and living a rewarding fulfilling life? It is how our mind and body repairs and restores itself so we can face each new day able to rise to our challenges. This lesson is about following the known best practices for optimum results.

Sleep is very significant in the brain health and relaxation. To attain maximum relaxation, one should have a consistent schedule for sleeping and waking up. It is said that a hardworking person has an alarm for waking up but a successful person sets an alarm to sleep too.

Early to bed and early to rise does make Jack or Jane healthy, wealthy and wise! Before the onset of electricity and when we were a more rural culture we would typically follow the circadian rhythms of nature going to sleep around sundown and rising with the sun.  But the bright lights of our homes with our laptop screens and phones on all the time signal our brain that it’s daylight and therefore time to have energy and keep working!

So make sure you do not take your phone to bed with you! Leave your laptop out of our bedroom. Keep your television off before bedtime in your bedroom too.  Make your bedroom a peaceful sanctuary of rest. You’ll be happy you did! 

Go to bed at the same time each time and rise at the same time in the morning and do your best to give yourself at least eight hours of good restful sleep. Your brain requires enough sleep for good cognitive functioning. 

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You won’t get more done by staying up later working longer and sleeping less! It’s counter-productive to do so.

Using blue blocker sunglasses that block out the blue spectrum of light before bedtime has been shown to help signal the brain it’s time to prepare for sleep.  

How many hours do you sleep per night? Is your sleeping pattern regular? This could be one of the contributing factors to reduced brain productivity. Sleep is a natural rhythm of the body which reduces stress levels and helps the body and the mind to re-energize. Ensure you get adequate hours of sleep which on average is 8 hours. Wearable products like Fitbit can track your sleep providing a clear picture of how well you’re sleeping each night so you can make adjustments in your habits and sleep conditions.

Approximately an hour before sleep, keep off electronics such as the television, computer and such things. Electronics maintain the mind excited and alert which prevents one from sleeping. Keeping off these electronic gadgets will help reduce the high level of stimulation of the brain helping it to relax in preparation for sleep. You could put a post-it note or tape over the red lights on electronic displays in your bedroom to block the distraction. Again be sure to refrain from using your phone or laptop or television in your bedroom before bedtime.