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Your body posture can impact your emotional state and you can use it to change your mood in ways that foster greater happiness. You would be surprised how much happier we are when we are more conscious about how we carry ourselves while we walk and our posture while we site and work. Our emotional states, and our body of knowledge and ability to use it to help ourselves achieve our goals in life is directly tied to our physical health.

Have you ever felt so stressed out and upset or unhappy that you feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders?  This emotional mental stress does act as a type of invisible weight that causes us to slouch while we sit. This takes a toll on our back, neck and spine and sends signals to our brain that we are unhappy.  Taking a look at this graphic you’ll see the key points to cover in protecting yourself while you sit and work, study or use your computer be it at home, work or school.

Your sitting posture determines how much information you get and retain in either a class or a board room meeting and as mentioned it impacts how you feel about yourself. To be happier in life it’s important to be healthy and have as much balance in life as we can. The same can be said about our sitting posture. Think about how you physically carried  yourself the last time you got a raise or heard some great news you were excited about? You likely had your shoulders back and spine upright, you had a big grin on your face and you breathed deeply and slowly.  Make a conscious effort to copy that experience when you’re sitting as much as you can.

Do your best to make sure that your shoulders are parallel to the ground. Body balance increases concentration since the body weight is evenly distributed. Note that when you sit slouching,  your concentration drops much faster than when you sit balanced. Some people have found they achieve better posture and productivity sitting on a big exercise ball like the kind you find at the gym. This forces one to have proper posture. So try and have a ball! Or sit on one! 

SITTING POSTURE (b. Open posture)
The other important feature of the sitting posture is avoiding folding of hands or crossing the legs. When one assumes such a closed sitting posture the brain also blocks from learning. When we are stressed out and feeling defensive it’s common to cross our legs and fold our arms. Therefore to boost your feelings of empowerment maintain an open sitting posture so that the brain can be ready to experience the goodness around you and that you feel that you are safe. When you sit upright and breathe mindfully taking deep steady slow breaths and allow a smile to emerge just because, you project an image of happiness that comes from deep inside you and people pick up on this. 

The happier you feel and act the more you attract happier and positive people around you. It’s easier for people to approach you and work with you and that will help you go further in life and in achieving your goals. 

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