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“Success is on my side” or “Money comes to me easily and often” or “I feel peace and calm and solutions easily”. These are examples of what is often referred to as positive affirmations. Positive affirmations are essentially positive conversations we have with ourselves.

Our brains are constantly engaging in self-talk. I’m sure you’ve noticed it. When you’re mind starts chattering about what you think other people are thinking or doing and why they are doing it, that is a form of self-talk that goes on all the time. In fact it happens even while we are sleeping. It continues at a subconscious level we are by definition not consciously aware of.

Often and especially facing new challenges or fears, our brain engages in negative, defeatist, or fear based self talk that leads to self doubt, procrastination and other obstacles to the realization of our goals. This comes as a result of years of surrounding ourselves with negative people and media that plants seeds in our conscious and subconscious mind. We are going to work at countering these patterns of thinking and creating an internal dialogue with more loving encouraging self-talk as often as possible. At the same time we will build a record of positive accomplishments to affirm our self-worth and confidence.

Repeating these type of positive self-supportive statements to oneself everyday in conjunction with other strategies for building a winning heart-centered healthy mindset helps us to program ourselves towards establishing a success consciousness.

Those strategies can also include creative visualizations, mindfulness meditation, breathing and Yoga exercises, self-hypnosis, vision mapping or vision-boards and journal writing but are not limited to them.

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It unconsciously directs the brain towards whatever success one desires. It helps to have a more conscious conversation with your mind when you’re stressing out over life and be your best ally in life. Our brains work better when we feel better about ourselves.

Here’s a list of phrases you can use to expand your positive vocabulary each day. Write up a list of as many positive words you can use to describe your best qualities and the qualities you wish to have or improve. The act of searching your mind and heart for positive words to describe yourself sets your mind in motion looking for the best possible version of you it can imagine. That is our goal here, to create the best possible versions of ourselves!