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Okay here’s one of the most powerful important positive habits we can add to our lives to give ourselves more of an edge as we cut through the daily challenges we face. The idea is called the Golden Hour.  Use the Golden Hour Mindhack to get your brain in tune for a positive productive day and build the kind of healthy winning mindset that leads to real progress!

Start the day by listening to or watching one of the many excellent speakers who coach people on achieving peak performance in their life. The first hour of your day is the “Golden Hour” because it sets the tone for the rest of your day. 

If you start out watching the news with all the negative angry people and upsetting events in the world you’re taking that anger and frustration into your day with you as though you were packing a lunch with it.  Instead, use your phone or computer or ROKU box on the television to access Youtube and search for videos from these people to get you started:

·        Tony Robbins

·        Zig Zigla

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·        Eric Thomas

·        Jim Rohn

·        Jack Canfield

·        Wayne Dyer

·        Stephen Covey

·        Louise Hay

·        Mark Victor Hansen

·        Earl Nightingale

·        Norman Vincent Peale

·        Echart Tolle

·        Ken Blanchard

·        Jeffrey Gitomer

·        Joe Vitale

·        Marianne Williamson

·        T. Harv Eker

·        Bob Proctor

As you eat your first meal of the day let your conscious and subconscious mind drink in the positive energized focus and wisdom of these great teachers and set at golden tone for the rest of your day that will carry through into everything you do.

Here is an example of a video you could start with in the morning as you use the Golden Hour Mindhack to get your brain in tune for a positive productive day and build a healthy winning mindset. Watch this video and take notes as you do jotting down the points you find directly helpful to your challenges and life mission.

Find one or two actionable ideas to add to your day after watching your Golden Hour video or listening to a podcast via your favorite podcast and bring it with you to work or keep it at your desk during the day to see how you can put the idea into practice.  Ideas not put into action are like ships that always stay moored at the dock.