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It’s one you’ll want to share. If you want to shift out of negativity into a greater happiness, watch this and then I have a few thoughts to share with you below. Thank you so much for being here.

I want you to increase your levels of happiness in your life. That is why I and my partner created Happiness Success Academy and our new course 50 Steps To Happiness.  We want as many of us to feel a greater connection to the things that bring us happiness as possible because it’s essential if we’re going to live in a healthier community and world!  So as we set out to find the most powerful “secrets” to happiness and success in life we had you in mind. How can we help you who are reading this now to create the new habits and ways of looking at life that increase your happiness creating abilities?

So I want you to know even though we haven’t met, we do care about you. That’s why we get up in the morning each day and work so hard to build courses like this and learn everything we can learn, because we know you and so many others like you and like ourselves need to make our lives healthier and happier.  One of the most powerful ways we’ve discovered for doing this is creating a mindset of gratitude.  We all have problems, worries and setbacks. That’s part of life. But we get to choose our own focus if we want to and if we choose to focus on what good we see in ourselves and others it increases our ability to make the lives we truly desire, happier more successful and healthy lives!

So how can we shift our focus from what’s wrong with the world or what we lack at the moment to what’s right and good?  That’s a big part of our focus and work at our Academy!  We’ve found that we get more of whatever we focus on in life and so many of us have established habits of focusing on our social media timelines full of everything we fear or that upsets us.

If we want to be happier and more successful in achieving our goals for our lives then we need to create an intention of being the happier successful person we imagine we can be.  You might call this our goal. But an intention is more than a goal, it is a goal backed by a strong determination, commitment and desire!  Are you ready to set your intention to become the happier healthier and more successful version of yourself you can be?

Great! You deserve it! We all do. So one of the most effective ways to create this intention and establish a new habit that leads to experiencing success is to show appreciation to others around you in life.  Constantly pointing out what’s wrong with people, their arguments online or what’s wrong with the world mostly serves to depress people and create feelings of resentment or helplessness. Instead be on the look out for things you appreciate in life and in people around you and say something.  We are going to replace that habit with the habit of validating the good you see around you and inside you!

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Be sincere and authentic in your compliments and you will find that people respond in ‘kind”. That is to say you will see people become more and more kind around you every day.  Kindness and happiness are closely related. Find things you admire and appreciate in people and make a point of sharing that with them. You’ll both feel better.

Think of people you can help validate and find the good in! Find something encouraging to say to them. Find something you admire about them and share that with them.  Make a habit of saying thank you to people for what they do and who they are.  Start by setting your goal to find two people every day to validate the good in. Do this for one week to start. We go more in depth on the power of gratitude to increase happiness and success in our course. But here are a few tips of where you can start!

  1. Friends on your social media timelines.
  2. The mail delivery person.
  3. Your teacher at school.
  4. A student who might be struggling at school or in life in general.
  5. The person checking you out at the grocery store.
  6. The receptionist wherever you have an appointment today.
  7. Your spouse or mate.
  8. A person serving you coffee.
  9. Your mother and or father.
  10. Your coworker.
  11. Your partner or employer.
  12. Someone who writes things online that inspire you.
  13. Who else can you think of?

If you found this to be inspiring, instructive or helpful then please share this article with people by emailing it to them or sharing it through your social networks! Thank you so very much for taking time to read this and choosing happiness!