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“Vision is the art of seeing things invisible.”
— Jonathan Swift

A vision board is a place where you can place visual images of the things you aspire to achieve and experience in future so you can create an all encompassing focus that draws you towards our own future one action at a time. This board acts as a motivator, reminding one of where to direct one’s efforts the rewards awaiting after that. You can simply cut out pictures from a magazine that show the results you wish to achieve in life and paste them up on a poster or piece of paper you keep somewhere visible. You can use a site like Pinterest and create a “My Life Works Great Board” or name it whatever you care to and pin pictures that symbolize your great ability to focus, learn and achieve things!

Think of this as programming your subconscious mind or plotting a course for your brain to follow. This is a type of “mental map” that your subconscious mind can follow.  This can be a powerful mental exercise and a positive experience. Whatever we give our energy to in life tends to increase as does our awareness of it.

Think about when you start shopping for a new car perhaps a red sports car. Suddenly you notice red sports care all over the place. This is how the brain filters our awareness creating awareness of the things we tell it is important to us both at a conscious and subconscious level. The more we are aware of something the more we can see opportunities to bring our life into harmony and proximity with it.

So invest your mental energy in creating the life experience you desire. Look at your board every morning and night and imagine yourself experiencing the sights, sounds, smells and feelings associated with the events and things you are building a mental map of it.

Use the other powerful techniques you’ve learned to supercharge this one. You can combine this Mindhack with the daily reading of your list outlining your one year and or three year desires.

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Next add the additional Mindhack of reading your “bottom line why” statement which remember was something like “because my kids need me” or “because I want to really live life” or “because I want to have peace of mind” or “because the world needs my help”. This all should not take you more than ten or fifteen minutes, less time than it takes to read emails or drink a cup of coffee!

Here’s what you should have learned:

  • A Vision Board is a place to concentrate and focus awareness on one’s desires.
  • It creates a mental map of what to focus on.
  • Add reading the one or three year goals/desire list.
  • Add reading your Bottom Line Why statement.