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You are where you are because of who you are. If you want to be somewhere else in life you need to be someone else. -Eric Thomas

Be a lifelong learner and sharer of value and you will go far in life! Discover what you want to do in life (we’ll get to how to do that well), then look for someone doing that and find out what skills and knowledge you need to become like them. One of the things we are here to help you learn is how to maximize your efficiency in learning life skills. One of the most important things to learn is make yourself valuable to the world by coming from service and excellence.

You’re here at because you want to craft a better life for yourself creating habits that produce personal growth and producing rewarding outcomes in life. One of these success habits is to constantly up our game and improve our skills. When we do this we make ourselves more valuable to the world and as a result more value, more benefits flow into our lives in the form of opportunities and prosperity.  A key to increasing our skill sets is finding teachers or mentors to guide us.

How can we do this? We are living in a fortunate time. Social media gives us a great opportunity to engage with people at all levels of fame, fortune and success. We can reply to their posts or tweets in supportive, helpful and kind ways. Here are some ways of finding helpful mentors to level-up your skills in the game of life.

If you want to get someone’s help ask how you can be a helpful person to them. Be a person that adds value to the lives of those you engage with and many will respond by being open to teaching and helping you. Remember coming from a space of being in service to others is a key principle for success and happiness in life!

Finding A Mindhack 1
Instead of asking an industry leader to council or advise you on your new venture or project, ask them if there’s anything you can do to be helpful because you love what they’re working on.

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Finding A Mindhack 2
Ask industry influencers or leaders to let you interview them for a new book or blog post you’re working on because they’re the most exciting person you could imagine your readers hearing from. Offer to send them a short set of interview questions and promise to link to their book, website or business as part of your interview.

Once you develop a positive relationship where you add value to the lives of people who are successful at the skills you seek to excel at, ask them about themselves and how they learned what they learned. Here are some questions you can ask;

  • Ask them where they spend most of their time online.
  • Ask them where they go to learn more about what they do.
  • Ask them who their mentors are or were and how they met them?
  • Ask them what the man reason is they do what they do today?
  • Ask them what lesson they learned from their biggest failure or setback?

If you will change, everything will change for you. Change your philosophy, your knowledge, and your values. -Jim Rohn 

Remember first you develop a positive giving relationship with people who are successful at the skills you seek to excel at and then ask them about themselves and how they learned what they learned. Then immerse yourself in that world! 

How can you immerse yourself in what you want to learn? Use social media networks to find experts, mentors and learning partners to help you.  

Find podcasts on iTunes by searching for the keyword about your topic. Ask your friends on Facebook what their favorite podcast is on the issue you want to learn about.

While you’re on Facebook asking for podcast recommendations, do a search of Groups for a groups on your issue and click the join button to join some. Once in them spend time reading people’s posts and sharing helpful encouraging positive comments on them. Do that every day! Be someone who others look forward to seeing and hearing from.

LinkedIn is another great network to find groups you can join where people share knowledge and insights about skills mostly in professional areas. Search out groups and join them. Write helpful thoughtful comments on people’s articles and questions. Be of as much value to others as possible!

Finally Youtube is a rich source of video learning material where people upload many helpful webinar videos and tutorials about how to do things they’ve studied or mastered. Be sure to add helpful, positive and encouraging comments in the Youtube comments section while you’re there. And guess what? You can then share the videos you find to be the most useful in the LinkedIn and Facebook groups you’ve joined with a personal comment about why you found it to be helpful to you. People will appreciate your effort and want to help you more.

Online Universities
There are also online learning communities with immense libraries of classes you can take on just about every subject imaginable. 

Here’s what you should have learned:

  • Discover what you want to do in life.
  • Find someone doing that and find out what skills and knowledge you will need.
  • Be a supportive person of service before asking that person to mentor you.
  • Change your philosophy, your knowledge, and your values to be in alignment with your goal.
  • Commit yourself to spending your available time doing the new  activities with the people you want to be like.
  • Use LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube and online Universities featuring user created courses.