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Yoga is a perfect mix between physical exercise and meditation since it achieves both purposes. It helps in physical and mental relaxation and boosting concentration and focus. For optimum physical and mental performance slated some 15 minutes of yoga in your schedule. A simple Yoga exercise can include laying on the floor (find a comfy mat) and lifting both legs ten or twelve inches up off the ground and holding it there for a count of ten. As you do so tens the muscles in your body and face then release. As you do so keep your arms comfortably at your side. Yoga helps to greatly reduce stress in many who practice it on a regular basis and the brain functions at a higher level as a result.

You can also sit comfortably with your legs crossed if you’re able to and breath in slowly exhaling slowly. Close your eyes and focus on each breath and as you do so you might count from 10 to 1 and then repeat this again. Alternatively, you could focus on each breath and change a Mantra which is a saying. Pick something positive like “I am one with the world and the world is one with me!” or “I am happy and healthy and embrace love and peace.” Find your positive message of peace and spend fifteen to thirty minutes a day there and your brain will reward you!

Keep your own physical health condition and limitations in mind before attempting any strenuous stretching or physical activity and if it hurts don’t do it. Visit a local gym or Yoga studio to get guidance from a Yoga instructor so you can continue your own daily practice.

Here is a great video describing beginning Yoga positions. While it says it is for weight loss it is good for a general practice in daily Yoga exercises too. Remember take it slow and easy. Everyone starts somewhere and we are not all built the same. If it hurts don’t do it. But this is a great new life skill to add to your daily routine.  Thank you for being a member of Life Mastery Library and be sure to contact us if you have any questions or ideas to share with us!